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The Face Shop Mango Seed Moisturizing Butter is an ultra-moisturizing butter cream formulated with mango seed butter and ceramide (derived from shea butter), which together creates a natural moisture barrier to deliver firm, dual-action hydration for skin that lacks energy due to dryness.

Key Features:

  1. Ultra-moisturizing butter with dense-nutrients: The butter melts into dry to deliver a dewy glow and provide comfort to dry sensitive skin
    Formulated with 100% natural Mango Seed: It has 100% natural Mango Seed and Mango Seed Butter for long-lasting deep moisturizing effect

About Mango Seed Line:

 The Face Shop Mango Seed range is a premium natural line made with deeply moisturizing mango extract. Each product from this range contains 100% natural mango seed for long-lasting deep moisture. Say goodbye to flakiness, poor makeup absorption, lack of elasticity, itching caused by dry skin, and skin irritation.

Adapted for dry skin


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