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  • It is a lightweight non-greasy moisturizing and soothing eye cream that leaves areas around the eyes comfortable
  • Formulated with Calendula Extract, Herb Complex and Hyaluronic Acid which soothes and moisturizes sensitive skin around the eyes
  • Delivers moisture calming effect to your sensitive skin, stressed due to drastic climate changes

About Calendula Line:

Give rest to sensitive skin: Moisturizing and soothing line with every product containing the symbol of soothing flower. 10% calendula extract gives you dewy, moist effect. Delivers moisture calming effect to your sensitive skin due to drastic climate changes.

Upgraded soothing effect with 10% calendula extract and soothing herb complex: With every product containing 10% calendula extract and herb complex of 6 soothing effective herbs, these products deliver dewy, soothing skin to sensitive skin making a comfort touch.

Improved soothing effect, improved luxurious design: Calendula essential line has been a steady seller loved for a long time! But for customers who desire a refreshed design and functions away from original, the brand has improved moisturizing and soothing effect while redesigning to attract premium consumers, in order to give satisfaction with affordable price.

Suitable for sensitive skin.


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