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  • Contains herbal ingredients such as chamomile, rosemary and tea tree, shea butter and macadamia oil providing excellent moisture retention.

  • Hair conditioner nourishes hair and helps balance the oil content.

  • Healthy scalp management due to silicone-free formula

  • Formula, containing natural AHA ingredients, bilberry berries and orange, helps balance scalp oil and keep it moist.

Deep Clean Range:

  • A soothing scalp care range with naturally-derived AHA from Chamomile Flower, Tea Tree and Rosemary extracts to help prevent dandruff and scalp eczema.
  • Leaves an instant cooling sensation that refreshes and invigorates the scalp, to improve scalp health for healthier, luscious hair.

Key Ingredients:

  • Eco Farming Complex (Calendula, Marshmallow, Lady’s Mantle): Moisturizing and anti-inflammatory benefits
  • Tea Tree: Pore-minimizing benefits; shields skin from producing free radicals; anti-inflammatory properties
  • Chamomile: Soothing effects
  • Rosemary: Anti-inflammatory properties

Suitable For:

  • All scalp/hair types, especially those with oily scalp and/or those suffering from dandruff or other scalp-related issues.

Type: Hair Care

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