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Main Features:

– An anti-aging total care body line that contains rich nutrients with Skin Mimic Collagen Complex™ & Natural Oil Complex ™ delivers ample nourishment for firm skin.

– It provides solution to solve a variety of skin problems. Create elastic and healthy body skin.

Main Ingredients:

1) Calendula

– Also known as “Marigold”

– Anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, detox effects

– Effective in treating dermatitis such as atopic dermatitis, eczema, wounds and cuts

– Cares for dry skin and sensitive skin

2) Marshmallow’s Root

– A plant mentioned in Homer’s Iliad (written in 2800 years ago)

– Contains flavonoids, which have anti-inflammatory effects

– Good for eczema and soothing sun burn

– Makes skin and hair supple and soft

3) Lady’s Mantle

– Used topically and internally as a treatment for wounds

– Contains tannin, a natural astringent to purify skin

– Anti-oxidant effects

– Increases skin elasticity

Usage Directions:

Make a lather on shower sponge and massage the body before washing off with water.



Type: BODY

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