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This is a revamped hydrating Chia Seed Toner with added pink vitamin (B12) that efficiently removes unnecessary skin residues and delivers instant hydration to exhausted and damaged skin with moisture-rich chia seeds that draw in moisture like a magnet.

About Chia Seed Hydro Line:

A Natural skin care line formulated with the skin supper food - Chia Seed to provide amazing moisturizing and vital glow to the skin. 

Main ingredients:

Chia Seed

  • Known as super seeds that ancient Aztecs regarded as sacred seed
  • With its amazing ability to absorb more than 15 times the moisture of its body size, Chia Seed Extract helps to deliver sufficient amount of moisture to the skin

Vitamin B12

  • One of the essential Vitamins for human body that delivers nourishment to exhausted and damaged skin.

Adapted for: Dehydrated skin


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